Crafteeo Cardboard Helmets

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My boys recently had the opportunity to try their hands at making their own cardboard helmets from Crafteeo. It was fun being able to surprise them with the kits and they got right to making. Crafteeo is a family run company inspired by their own kids' love for playing with the box rather than all of the toys during gift giving seasons.  

The Southern Guardian Helmet kits we received came complete with the cardboard punch outs, paint, and LED lights, and we used our own hot glue and the online video instructions to put it all together. And when I say we, I really mean the boys--they were a pretty involved project, taking several hours over a couple days. It probably would have been too difficult for just my 8-year-old to do by himself, but with his 11-year-old brother they made a great team.  

The helmets were such a hit with my boys, that I think this may become a new go-to birthday gift for their friends--and my boys can't wait to try out more of their kits! Crafteeo is running a Kickstarter campaign to help produce their cardboard body armor set, and I highly recommend popping over and checking them out. You can even try download the pattern to make your own Guardian Spear for free

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Thrift Store Collector | Blankets

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I've amassed a number of quirky and colorful collections during the 15 plus years I've been thrifting, but it's only been the last five or so that I've been collecting blankets. I think when you become a mother, blankets automatically become an obsession. As my kids grew out of their swaddling days I ventured into making my own blankets for them (I still have a bag of the girls' baby clothes to one day turn into quilts!). I don't get to make as many blankets as I'd love to these days, but coming across colorful thrifted finds definitely helps make up the difference!

I love cuddling up under a blanket in the winter, swinging one over the hammock, or taking one along for a picnic in the summer. And I always have a blanket (or two) in the back of my mama-van. Here's a peek at my full collection of thrifted blankets. 

The floral blanket on the bottom is actually a thrifted sheet and blanket I tie-quilted together (you can see it a little better in this post). And the solid striped one I made from thrifted jeans and a sheet for the backing (you can check out that one here).
I'm also a sucker for brightly-colored crochet blankets. It almost breaks my heart to see that someone gave them up, but then I get so excited about being the one to find it and take it home!

What are your favorite thrift store finds? Tag them with #ThriftStoreCollector and follow Maker Mama on Instagram to see my latest finds as I discover them. And check out my other thrift store collections while you're here: Vintage Suitcases & Kitchenware.

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Recycled Jeans Quilt

It's no secret that I love colorful jeans, but I'm taking it to a whole new level this week with a recycled jeans quilt. Come visit me over at Andrea's Notebook for the full tutorial. 

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Tie-Dye Shibori Placemats

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I'm always looking for new ways to recycle common thrift store items, and t-shirts are one of the easiest materials to work with. We use linens every night at dinner, but our current ones are getting a little sad-looking. So recycled t-shirt placemats it is! I love the shibori trend online right now, so I decided to give them a little color using a Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit.

DIY Cork Boats

I used up the last of my cork stash for these fun little floating boats. Come visit me over at PBS Parents' Crafts for Kids to learn how to make these with your kiddos! (And if you have any more corks feel free to send them my way!)
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