10 Creative Reuse Christmas Ideas

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For me, handmade holidays are the best, and reusing items from the thrift store makes them even better! Check out these 10 creative reuse ideas for adding a handmade touch to your Christmas decor.

Tea Box Gift Tags

I'm guest posting over at DIY Candy with a fun creative reuse idea to help keep your gift-wrapping costs down during the holidays. Stop by to see how I made a bright and whimsical set of tea box gift tags

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Citrus Garland and Ornaments

I love homemade Christmas decorations, especially ones that are friendly to the environment. Today, as part of the the 12 Days of Handmade Christmas series, I'm sharing how to make a traditional dried citrus garland and ornaments. The garlands are perfect for stringing on the tree and around your home, and the ornaments make a sweet handmade gift. With four little ones and a bounty of teachers, caretakers, and friends who are all an important part of our lives, handmade ornaments are an affordable way we can share a thoughtful gift with them all! 

DIY Wrench Wrapping Paper

DIY Wrench Wrapping Paper

This fall, Rachel of Lines Across launched Let's Wrap Stuff, a website devoted to all things gift wrap related. To celebrate its launch, Rachel challenged me and a select group of talented bloggers to come up with a creative gift wrap idea using plain kraft paper. Who doesn't love brown paper packages tied up with string?

For my wrapping, I decided to do a spray paint relief with some of my husband's old wrenches. I had some metallic spray paint left from my magnet letter ornaments that was perfect for this project. Read on to find out how to make your own DIY Wrench Wrapping Paper. 

DIY Plastic Canvas Star Lights

I'm guest posting over at DIY Candy with these easy plastic canvas star Christmas lights––stop on by to see how to make them! 

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