DIY Home Studio Backdrop

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It’s been a goal of mine to improve the photo quality of my posts and projects here on the blog. I just got my first 50mm lens for my mirrorless Sony a6000 (which I love), and am putting my palm to my forehead for not getting it sooner. Another big thing I’ve been doing without for a while is a good backdrop. I’ve been using white foam boards when I’ve needed them, and it just got to a point where it wasn’t hacking it anymore. So, after lots of browsing through recommendations and resources online, I figured out a way to DIY my own home studio backdrop--and I couldn’t be happier with the results (and the price)!

The Easiest Way to Save Kids' Art

I don’t know about you, but papers are one of the most out of control things at my house. Between four kids who come home with a pile of papers each day, the mail, and all the other papers that make their way to my kitchen counter, it can become an overwhelming task to manage it all. My girls especially love to draw and make love notes for us--and I want to treasure as many of these as possible but I just can’t save every single creation they make. I have started keeping their best works from school and home in a box to save for each of them, but it could be easy for those to never see the light of day again. But the new Sprout by HP makes it super easy to save and savor my kids’ artwork.

So easy, in fact, that my kids can save it for me. The Sprout has a high-res camera that can capture 2D and 3D images at the touch of a button--so you can remember your kiddo’s prized playdough sculpture, and they can enjoy scanning it themselves!

Eleanor was recently inspired by PBS Kids’ Cookie Thief special and made her own gallery of Cookie Monster inspired art--she even hung them up around our family room and held museum hours. We kept her artwork up for a while, but instead of hiding it away in the box never to be remembered, I had her scan the pictures and dictate a story about them. I uploaded them straight from the Sprout to Snapfish and turned them all into a storybook. Eleanor was thrilled to see her name on her own book and has been eagerly reading and rereading her masterpiece!

I love how simple and straightforward using the Sprout is, and I think we’ll definitely save more of the kids masterpieces on it!

Do you have any special tips for saving kids’ artwork? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below! Want to create a masterpiece of your own? Check out my Digital Vision Board, too!

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Giant Paper Bag Puppets on PBS Crafts for Kids

Today I'm crafting over at PBS Parents with these giant paper bag puppets. Inspired by my own kids' big imaginations, I'm excited to start sharing more projects for little hands. So grab your brown grocery bags,  some fabric scraps, your glue gun, and let's make some fun!

Happy making! 
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Photo Diary | January & February

It's hard to believe that March is already here! Well, in the effort to be more organized with my photos this year, I'm getting more of them off my camera and onto the screen. Ideally I'll get to printing them more, too, but you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time! 


Craft basket



Creating a Digital Vision Board

I've always loved making collages. Maybe it was the 90’s child in me, but most of my school folders were covered in magazine cutouts. I even covered my bedroom walls with collaged words and images that struck my fancy. I’ve been meaning to make myself a vision board since the new year (aka the grownup version of a collage), but for some reason kept getting stuck on what pictures to use. I have a pretty hefty stash of home and craft magazines, and I took the time to pour through them and cut out different bits and pieces. I even journaled about the things I wanted to work on this year so I could have a better idea of what to clip out of all those magazines. But all those clippings just stayed put in a file folder and whenever I took them out I felt limited in what I could do with them. That’s where the HP Sprout comes in.
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