Estate Sale Finds

I happened to be browsing through Craigslist last week and came across an ad for an estate sale that made me drool. It had a link to a photo gallery with rooms full of fabric and crafting supplies and I knew I had to go.
Chris ended up working that day, but I only had the baby that morning and my mom was generous enough to come along. 

I haven't been to many estate sales, but I knew enough to expect it to be pretty busy. We got there about an hour after opening, so I thought the line to get in wouldn't be so bad. Boy was I wrong. There was a 45-minute waiting list to get in the house. Luckily we could go out back and hunt through the 7 or 8 sheds full of stuff for sale while we were waiting. 

The photo above shows some of my haul from the sheds: 8 burlap bags (they were unmarked and I got them all for $1!), 3 garden shovels (extras for the kids, $1 each), a folding ruler ($4), vintage cosmetic case ($3), and robin statue for the garden ($2).

Estate sale finds

I also found a step ladder (I love all the splattered paint, $3), and an axe (for Chris, $5).

Estate sale finds

We walked around outside for a while, and Amelia did surprisingly well--it would have been a totally different story without my mom! We survived the long wait and boy was it worth it! The backdrop for all these photos is a tied quilt I nabbed for $3--it's a perfect picnic blanket. There were a number of other more colorful patchwork quilts going for $25-$40, but I loved the simplicity (and low price) of this one. 

And the craft stash did not disappoint. I found a great selection of vintage floral cotton prints (the top print is actually a sheet), and a bag full of old wooden spools. I have no idea what I'm going to do with them yet, but I couldn't not get them! (All the fabric was anywhere from $1-$4 and the spools were $3).

Estate sale finds

My hands were getting pretty full carrying all my fabric inside, and then I spotted this plastic tote for $2--bright, and cute, and perfect for hauling my stash! And here are some more of the fabric prints I found.

Estate sale finds

This was another unique find--a 1959 publication by Carnation Milk all about prenatal and post-baby care, much like the pamphlet you might get on caring for your baby today.

Estate sale finds

I fell in love with the photos and am looking forward to reading more about the norms of motherhood back then. It was interesting to see that they did mention breastfeeding (very briefly). The booklet was in excellent condition, but wasn't priced. To my surprise they gave it to me for just $1 at the register!

As my mom would say, I left a very happy camper!

Estate sale finds

And I didn't find these suitcases at the estate sale, but I did get them that night. I already shared them with you in this post, but my awesome friend Mary from Spare Parts brought them over as a gift the same night. But get this--she got the whole set for $3 at a local thrift shop! This has to be the best thrifty find ever!

Mary and I did some thrifting of our own yesterday, so stay tuned for my post on the goodies we found at some of my favorite local stores--all for under $10 total! 

Are you a thrift junkie, like me? What's your best thrifty find?

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