Monday Maker Motivator #5

I don't think creativity is exclusive to artists or people who make objects with their hands. Creativity is about curiousity--a constant hunger for exploring how the world works and how we can make our own small little mark on it. Neurologist and author Oliver Sacks was one such creative. His innovative thinking is most easily recognizable in the film adaptation of his book Awakenings in which Robin Williams plays neurologist Sacks who helped reawaken catatonic patients at the beginning of his career. 

We may not all be scientists making such drastic impacts on the world around us, but we can learn from the way a scientist thinks by being willing to grow from each failure--and be brave enough to make them in the first place. I am first in line when it comes to holding myself back creatively because of fear--but we'll never find what works if we don't give ourselves compassion in tripping along the way sometimes. 

Bravery in Beauty

This time last year I would not have had the courage to post many photos of myself, let alone any that implied I had a sense of style. I've lived the majority of my life not feeling comfortable in my own skin. Maybe it was having bucked teeth as a kid, acne since adolescence, and then a not-so-bikini-body after having four kids. We women have a great way of honing in on our imperfections and feeling crippled by those, don't we? I used to feel uncomfortable standing next to any woman who was more attractive than I was according to the world's standards. But if my journey into single motherhood has taught me anything, it's that you can only receive as much love as you give yourself. And I'm ready to love and accept myself, dang it! 
Of course, there are bigger style mavens than me out there--but the biggest thing that makes every woman beautiful is confidence and a smile. And I'm going to do my best to put those two things on every day. I'm going to love my body and be my cute and quirky self. I was even brave enough to pose for this amazing campaign (and talk about it on one of the local morning shows) earlier this year. My biggest hope is that you find the courage to truly love yourself inside and out today, and everyday, too. 
So, in the continuing efforts to love my uniqueness, I'm joining four other beautiful real-life mamas over at Kids Stuff World today for our 15 Fall Fashion Must-Haves for 2015
How will you celebrate your own unique beauty today?
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100 DIY Halloween Costumes


I've been getting crafty with our family Halloween costumes for years. Sometimes we just reuse what's already in our costume box, and other years we whip up new ones. I'm banding together with an awesome group of bloggers to bring you 100 DIY Costume ideas to help you get crafty this Halloween, too. First, I thought I'd give you a glimpse into the Maker Mama Halloween photo archives. Check out some of our crafty costumes over the years.

DIY Mini Corkboard

Today I'm back over at DIY Candy with my latest how-to. Stop on by to learn how to make your own DIY mini corkboard—because miniature anything is just too cute to resist!

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Monday Maker Motivator #4

How have your creative juices been flowing this past week everyone? Any triumphs to share--big or small? This past week I've been fine-tuning my work process and exercising compassion for myself in growing my work one little step at a time. As an ENFP, I'm great at dreaming up a million ideas in a day. The key is learning how to focus and hone in on the best of those ideas--while still holding onto the initial spark of inspiration. What challenges do you face over and over again? Here's your Monday Maker Motivator to help you hone in on your creative passions and see them through. 

DIY Recycled Cork Zebra

Sharing more recycled cork fun over at PBS Parents Crafts for Kids this week with a fun DIY zebra toy. Love cork crafts? Check out my DIY cork boats, too! 

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The Monday Maker Motivator #3

I used to be afraid of opening my umbrella at the wrong time. I don't mean like inside because it's bad luck wrong time, but during that in-between stage when it starts to drizzle but isn't fully raining yet. I'd carry my umbrella with me, waiting to see when other people would open theirs and then I would finally open mine. I know this sounds bizarre, but it's a quirk in my character that I've learned to conquer. 

And I think this insecurity in truly being ourselves and doing what we want comes in many forms as creatives. It's easy to worry that what we want to do won't be good enough so we set ourselves up to fail before we even start. To let ourselves live the fullness of our creative capabilities, we have to let go of the fear of being different or wrong or flat out failing. So this week, I challenge you to step out beyond a fear of yours and do something you've always wanted to do in your creative work.

Here are my Monday Maker Motivator recommendations to get you started!

The Monday Maker Motivator #2

Happy Monday everyone (and Labor Day to my U.S. friends)! Thank you all for such a great response to the first Monday Maker Motivator last week! My goal with this series is to inspire makers of all sorts to feel confident and eager to grow in their work. Here's what's inspiring me this week.

Smallful's Mod for School Locker Printables

School is in full swing at our house. My oldest started 7th grade this year (yikes!) and my youngest is in Kinder (gulp). I've lucked out and have four kids who are pretty darn motivated in their schoolwork, but it's always nice to give them a little extra inspiration to do their best. My friend Mari, the amazing creative behind Smallful has a new printable Mod for School Locker Set that is just the thing to brighten your little scholar's day. 

Thursday Thrift Haul

I am absolutely in love with this quote. Thrifting is a process of creation for me, a careful choosing of character-filled objects that reflect meaning and value in the things I bring into my life. Gosh, I think too darn deeply about thrifting, don't I? Well, it is what it is, and I adore the discarded. I love discovering hidden gems on thrift store shelves and finding joy in their quirks. Here are some of my latest whimsical finds. 
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