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7 Ways to Find Creative Inspiration


I began my creative journey writing and illustrating my own storybooks as a little girl, and continued on to overly dramatic poetry as a teenager. I loved making my own dollhouse furniture and accessories, and as I got older my bedroom was my biggest canvas, collaged from wall to wall with my favorite images torn […]

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Recent Makings

Whether it’s testing the latest Pinterest project, coming up with our own wacky ideas, or even cooking dinner from scratch, we’re makers at heart here at the Maker Mama house. Here’s what we’ve been making lately: An embroidered dollhouse bed. I attempted to work on some embroidery with Eleanor for this one. She was all […]

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Weekend Reading

It’s been a busy week here at the Maker Mama house, with school in full swing and the weather turning unexpectedly cool (for South Texas at least). I’ve been working away on my big curtain project for a friend, planning some fun fall craft projects, and Skyler even got his first black eye this week […]

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