7 Ways to Find Creative Inspiration


I began my creative journey writing and illustrating my own storybooks as a little girl, and continued on to overly dramatic poetry as a teenager. I loved making my own dollhouse furniture and accessories, and as I got older my bedroom was my biggest canvas, collaged from wall to wall with my favorite images torn […]

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Finding the Way to Quiet Land

The other night at the dinner table, our five-year-old, Eleanor, asked us where we would go if we had a time machine. The kids took turn sharing their ideas, and before I could give much thought to my answer, Eleanor exclaimed, “I know where mommy would want to go–Quiet Land!” We all had a laugh, […]

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Birthday Brain

birthdays board by maker mama via Pinterest As I mentioned in my Summer Wish List post, we have three of the kid’s birthdays coming up at the end of summer (and my husband’s this weekend), so I kinda have birthdays on the brain right now.  I did some brainstorming with the kids this afternoon, and […]

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