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So I’ve decided to hop on the bandwagon and start a new blog dedicated to creating, family, and life as a mother of three. I’ve been addicted to my daily list of blogs to read–often inspired by their own creations–and have found myself crafting/sewing/making more and more.

I’ll start by sharing some photos of the purple sock cat I made for my daughter Eleanor’s first birthday. I used an old (clean) pair of purple socks, with one sock as the body and the second for the ears, arms, and tail. I liked the color on the inside of the sock better, so I turned it outside in before hand sewing and turning it back out to stuff and close. I usually use buttons for the eyes and nose of my sock creatures, but since Eleanor’s still a bit wee I opted for embroidered ones. She has seen me working on it, but I haven’t let her play with it yet. She’ll probably play with the wrapping paper more at first anyway. Hopefully I’ll get some cute photos out of it.

Most of the items I make are upcycled from old clothes, scraps, and other various materials I recover from the trash (or am able to find inexpensively). I love making toys and stuff for the kids and am constantly thinking of what to make next. I look forward to sharing with you and I hope you enjoy! Here’s a close-up of the sock kitty: