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Chris’ parents were in town over the weekend and we had lots of fun visiting and celebrating Eleanor’s first birthday! We went to the Botanical Gardens Saturday afternoon to see the new Big Bugs exhibit (hence the giant praying mantis pictured above). Here are some more photos from our weekend:

Skyler pretending to be a bug.

A giant spider.

The birthday girl!

Birthday cupcake which the birthday girl didn’t actually eat. She stuck her fingers in the frosting and made her yuck face. She did like the icecream though.

The Complete Peter Rabbit Collection received from my parents. This was a very special gift because I spent most of my elementary years living in England and my parents took us to see Beatrix Potter‘s house.

This was another favorite gift–a hand-knitted sweater from Christi, Chris’ mom. After teaching myself to crochet, I can only imagine how much work (and love) went into making this! Thank you Mom & Dad and Christi and everyone for your generous gifts and coming out to celebrate with us.

And last but not least, what’s Labor Day without a little bit of work, right? This is a picture of the new compost bin Chris made for us out of some pallets we found along with the van-load of books we brought home last week. We’ve been collecting produce discards to add to the brush from out back and hope to do some serious gardening as the weather gets cooler.

Hope you all had a fruitful weekend!