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My lovely friend Judy surprised me earlier this week with a box full of cookie-making goodies. She bid on the gift to help get things move along during a silent auction at our church last weekend and ended up winning it. She already had most of the items in the set and thought we could have fun baking cookies with the kids–I was pleasantly surprised and very thankful!

The box came with tons of cookie cutters, sprinkles, a kitchen timer, measuring cups, and even a cookie book!

For all of you cookie-nerds out there, here’s a little tidbit (from the book) about the history of cookies:

The humble cookie has a long and glorious history and has undergone quite an evolution during its existence. The first recorded mention of cookies is in the Roman cookbook Apicius, which features a recipe for a thick paste of fine wheat flour, boiled and spread out on a plate. After drying and hardening, it was cut up and fried until crisp, then served with honey and pepper. It is from this ancient method of cooking twice that we have received the word ‘cookie’, which derives from the Latin panis biscotus, meaning twice-cooked bread (this is also the origin of the Italian word biscotti).

Stay tuned for homemade cookie pictures!