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(please forgive me for the picture quality, it was taken from my phone)

I found this easy-peasy costume tutorial for a gnome on the Family Fun website and am pretty much done. The original tutorial actually requires no sewing, but I took my sewing machine to the edges of the fake-fur beard to keep it from shedding. I also sewed the hat instead of hot-gluing it–hopefully it will hold up in the dress up box after Halloween. I’m not adventuresome enough to make a shirt or pants to go with it, so we’ll just be picking from the clothes we have on hand. I actually think this shirt might do, and we have some rain boots to pair it all with.

One other adjustment that’s been recommended (a little naggingly to me) by my husband is to make fake fur eyebrows at the edge of the hat. Looking at it now, I think it would make it even cuter, but it’s not always fun to do something someone keeps saying you should do, especially with so much on my plate already…I just might have to acquiesce, though 🙂 . What do you guys think?