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Today was the annual King William neighborhood garage sale. We piled the kids up in the van and headed out in the chilly morning air. The kids did surprisingly well and we survived the morning and managed to grab a few deals.

Here’s a photo of my favorites–a woven bag, $2, an old wooden potty chair, $5, and a three-tiered metal stand, $2. Now to just figure out how I’m going to use each of them. (I also snagged a pair of $4 stride rite shoes for Liam.)

After lunch and naps I took Skyler out to Artpace’s Chalk It Up downtown on Houston street. I’ve known about it for a few years, but this was the first time I’ve been able to make it out and we had such a blast! There were freestyle spaces to create your own sidewalk art, artists creating their own masterpieces, music, food, and more–all for free! Check out some our pics:

A view from the top (or the parking garage).

Street art.

Skyler at work.

Masterpiece in the making.

I love this picture of crows.

Local artist Justin Parr had free stickers lining the curb near his chalk drawing of the same image–I remember first encountering these stickers on campus during undergrad at UTSA–it’s cool to know who created them.

And last, but not least, we made one last stop by the Smart Fair filled with family activities all about art. We didn’t get to stay for long, but we did make it for the pinata-making workshop!

We love our city!