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Christmas is coming and I’ve been busy as a bee! Here are some of the projects I’ve been working on. Above is a scrap wreath I made out of a dollar store wreath and some corduroy scraps inspired by this tutorial. I had a different type of wreath frame and didn’t bother cutting my strips evenly at all. In fact, I tried ripping fabric for the first time and learned that it really works (you do make your starting cut first). The corduroy gives it a velvety look and I’m rather pleased that I didn’t give in to my spending whims and go out to buy a new wreath.

This is a new Christmas sock kitty originally made for the craft fair but didn’t go because I was still recovering from the flu. So now I’ve got to decide whether I want to give her as a gift or finally start listing on Etsy. (Why have I been so apprehensive about taking that step?) Also, I made her simple little skirt following this tutorial for a doll’s skirt.

I’m also expanding my artistic endeavors to create our own Christmas card this year. I’ve had this old linoleum block since high school and have had the itch to carve out a print block so voila! It’s not a completely original design, I was inspired by another nativity stamp online. In my defense, I did draw the image completely by hand. I bought a pack of 100 blank cards (I won’t actually be sending all of them out) for less than $20 on Ebay and am in the process of carving the block (and trying not to think of how much work it might be printing all the cards!)

On top of all this, I’m making some small gifts for family (which I can’t share yet and spoil the surprise), I’m finishing up a tree skirt, and am attempting to finish a braided rug for Eleanor’s room and a quilt out of Liam’s old baby clothes, along with the rest of my Christmas shopping, baking, card sending-offing, etc. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I may not have Eleanor and Liam’s gigantic handmade gifts under the tree by Christmas, but I think I’m okay with it–there’s no reason to drive myself mad when they wouldn’t know the difference. I may be tempted to make some more of these paper ornaments though, if I come across any extra time (ha!)

And lastly here are a few other projects filed away on my computer and at the back of my mind: