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So it was my sister-in-law’s birthday last week and I wanted to come up with something I could make for her gift. I began searching through the countless projects I have bookmarked on my Google Reader and finally remembered this one: The Purse Organizer Recipe at the Giving Flower. She has a pdf tutorial you can download and it’s super easy. Here are some photos of my finished project:

I found the fabric on sale at Hobby Lobby (you also need to pick out some heavy-duty interfacing so it’ll stand up in your purse). And I had enough to make myself one, too!

Here’s a shot of the entire thing. You can make as many pockets as big or small as you want, but it’s a good idea to measure out the items you’ll be putting in it. And when you’re done you can wrap it up as small as it’ll go in your purse, or leave it open in your diaper bag (for you mamas).

Here’s the one I finished for Katy wrapped with a bow of selvage. It got to her right on her birthday and she loved it (and I’m loving mine)!