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Kindergarten Bento #266, originally uploaded by Wendy Copley.

I came across fellow crafty mama Wendy Copley’s blog, Wendolonia, via her Taggie Monster tutorial featured on Craft Gossip. I loved the tutorial so much that I started perusing the rest of her blog and came across the wonderful world of bento.

I didn’t realize what bento was at first, but I was giddy over the whimsical lunches she makes for her two sons. She uses everything from food markers, to cookie-cutter sandwiches, to sprinkles on fruit to liven up the everyday lunch box.

Maybe I’m just weird for thinking this is really cool (moms live in a very different world), but I love how she uses this as a creative expression to show her children how much she cares about them.

From what I can gather from searching online, bento is a Japanese meal tradition in which food is carefully prepared and is meant to be aesthetically pleasing. We could all use a little more art everyday, couldn’t we?

I haven’t even begun to delve into the depths of the world of artful lunch-making, so hop on over to Wendolonia–and check out her Bento Box FAQ page where she shares where she finds her bento supplies and why she’s crazy enough to spend more than five minutes making lunch!