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With all the clothesline hanging I’ve been doing lately, I decided an apron for the hundred or so clothespins I use would be helpful. And I just so happened to have a pattern from the book One Yard Wonders to make one!

I do the bulk of my sewing when the kids are asleep, so last night I raided my fabric stash only to find that I didn’t have enough fabric in the print I wanted to use. So I got creative and took down an old sheet I had in my closet. It was a twin sheet I used growing up. My mom had given me a bunch of old sheets and pillowcases to use as I wanted and I had planned on using the pillowcases for sewing, but this was perfect for what I needed last night.

The whole endeavor took me about 3 1/2 hours (4 if you want to count gathering materials and cutting out the pattern pieces), including the time Skyler scared the living daylights out of me while my back was turned at the sewing machine.

I’m happy with the end results–this pattern was much easier (although more intricate) to work with than the failed “simple” pants for Liam last weekend. But there are many many other projects I have on my to do list and I must take advantage of this down time before dinner!

(And for those of you who’ve asked how I get so many projects done, I stay up very very late. I absolutely love sleep, but I love making things even more!)


The writers of One Yard Wonders are having an open call for submissions to their next book, Fabric Extravaganza in which they’ll feature one yard projects using an array of different fabrics. So if you’re a sewing extraordinaire hop on over to submit your project ideas!