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Eleanor just loves her cloth diapers…okay she’s indifferent, really, but that’s part of the goal in making the switch–you don’t want your little one to notice (or at least not put up a fuss). Liam, our two-year-old has also made the switch (he took a little more convincing), and we’ve gotten into a good routine with washing, etc.

Our favorite diapers are luckily the ones we first invested in, called Flip. They consist of an outer one-size snap cover with prefold diapers that you place inside. We liked the idea of being able to reuse the cover rather than only being able to use all-in-ones once before you have to wash them.

Right now we have 8 covers and 18 inserts between the two and need to wash every 1-2 days. I usually alternate between two covers for each of them unless they get completely soiled. We’ve had a couple nap/night time incidents with leaking, but I think it may have been a result of using too much detergent (and it’s been less frequent than disposable accidents anyway).

So far I’ve ordered the diapers from Kelly’s Closet online, but am thinking about ordering from again now that they have them (I love their free 2-day shipping!). We’ll definitely be building up our inventory with the goal of less frequent washings, and I’m still thinking about cloth wipes–we’ve been using the disposables we still had up to this point.

If you’re looking for a cloth diaper system to try I’d highly recommend this one–they even have disposable inserts you can use when you’re on the road!

Oh, and Eleanor struck the poses all by herself–she’s been doing this a lot whenever I put her on the changing table for some reason–so I took advantage and got a few cute pictures!