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Chris’s parents came down from Tulsa to visit us for a few weeks while Skyler was on Spring Break and we had a jam-packed couple of days! 
On our first full day, we headed out to the McKenna Children’s Museum in New Braunfels (about a thirty-minute drive from downtown San Antonio). I’m not sure when I first heard about it, but I’m sure it was from one of my mama-friends. The museum was very busy the day we went, but I think they had a big school group visiting. Overall the kids had a blast and I would definitely recommending checking it out (I actually enjoyed it more than the S.A. kid’s museum). 

Liam enjoyed the outdoor waterplay area.
Eleanor was a very serious shopper in the kid’s grocery store (she grabbed all the butter soon after this shot). 
Liam taking a peek at a mini-croc (I’m sure that’s not what they’re called, but oh well). 

And Skyler was off with Papa Dave most of the time, but I caught him playing out on the camel out back (by the waterplay area). 
The museum also had an art room, a camping area (and a cave with bat wings for the kids to wear!), a soft-play area for the little ones, a play hospital with an ambulance, a spaceship, and lots more. 
After the museum, we headed out to the New Braunfel’s Smokehouse for some great BBQ. 
In addition to the kids museum, we spent the next day out at Sea World. There wasn’t too much for the little ones to do, but they enjoyed the dolphin and Shamu shows (oh, the Sesame Street show, too). I was completely exhausted by the end of the day (I think everyone was), but my favorite part was sitting in the shade and enjoying some ice cream before we left for the day. Liam was sweet enough to share his ice cream with his little sister. Thanks Gran and Papa for such a wonderful visit!