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Two of my favorite t-shirts from the Gap just weren’t working for me anymore (regardless of the growing belly), so when I came across this tutorial online, I just had to give it a try! The most time consuming part was making the ruffles, but I pushed on and was able to finish this for Eleanor Friday night. I absolutely love it! Take a look at how adorable she is in it:

(You can tell she isn’t used to wearing skirts very often)
This is her ‘say cheese’ smile
And I have enough material to make another skirt in the opposite colors. I am completely in love with ruffles now. Disney of Ruffles and Stuff has an awesome Ruffle Your Stuff Contest going on right now and ideas are already swirling through my head–I just might have to give it a try–but I do need to make sure I’m still working on Liam’s quilt for next month too!!