Month: April 2010

The Sock Kitties Are Coming!

In preparation for this Sunday’s Alamo City Handmade Spring Craft Show at Scenic Loop Cafe , I’ve been busy as a bee this past month. Along with more crocheted items , ruffle blankets , and needlebooks , I’ve whipped up a batch of handmade sock kitties. I still have a few finishing touches to make (six more flowers to […]

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Anna Maria Oh My!

I recently learned about author and designer extraordinaire Anna Maria Horner while listening to a CraftSanity podcast (my favorite thing to do while scrubbing the dishes). What captivated me the most about her (before I’d seen her vibrantly yummy fabrics) was that not only did she become a mother at a young age, but she […]

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Fiesta Is Coming!

1. Fiesta, 2. waiting dancers, 3. Irvine Global Village Festival 2009 – 7, 4. Dr. Cascarón or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Eggshell One of the great things about living in San Antonio is Fiesta, and it’s only five days away! Fiesta spans eleven days and originally began in 1891 as a […]

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