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The weather has been gorgeous down here in San Antonio the past couple of weeks and I’ve been practically kicking the kids out of the house everyday so they can get some sunshine (and so I can get a break). I don’t know how it began, but suddenly they’re on the constant hunt for snails now. My near-three-year-old, Liam is completely obsessed with them and will not let me be until I find him at least three or four snails hiding in our garden.

As annoying as it can be stopping everything to meet the demands of a toddler when I really need to be doing the dishes or laundry, in the end it’s always fun becoming a kid again and rejoicing at my findings. And I can’t help but smile at how captivated they can be watching them all day. 

It makes me think back to my own relationship with nature growing up and that sense of wonder in exploring the world. 

Wherever you are, I hope you’re able to take some time each week to marvel at the world around you. May our lives never be too busy to enjoy the slowness around us!