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Easter Siblings 2

Although Chris ended up being sick over the weekend, the kids and I had a nice little Easter. They woke up to their handmade Easter baskets filled with jelly bean- and bunny cracker- filled eggs, stickers, prayer cards, and coloring books. Eleanor favored the bunny crackers until she figured out what the jelly beans were, Liam peeled the stickers right away, and Skyler loved the Boy Scout holy card I found for him.

Easter Basket 3
After church in the morning (while Chris was home resting) and lunch and nap time, we had a little egg hunt in our backyard. Eleanor was as slow as a snail, Liam wanted to open them and eat the goodies as he found them, and Skyler was racing around as fast as he could! Once Eleanor saw the boys cracking open the cascarones, she went to town with her own–only she didn’t know to crack them on her brothers’ heads. She did get fairly covered in confetti herself, though.

Found One

Inspecting Eggs

Confetti Face

Bunny Eggs

Once all the eggs were found, I packed up the kids in the van and headed out for a yummy dinner at Grandma and Grandpa’s house where the kids had another egg hunt, too. Overall, it was a good day and nobody else has gotten sick (yet!) Hope you all had a lovely Easter!

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