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One of the great things about living in San Antonio is Fiesta, and it’s only five days away! Fiesta spans eleven days and originally began in 1891 as a way to honor the memory of the heroes of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto. There are now over 100 events celebrating Fiesta.

If you’ve never been, and you ever have the opportunity to come to S.A., you should definitely check it out! The entire downtown area practically shuts down for a week and a half for the parades, fairs, and throngs of people that come out to celebrate.

One of our favorite events to take the kids to is the King William Fair & Parade in the said historic neighborhood off of South Alamo. I was in the parade a few years ago when I worked at a local non-profit in the neighborhood, and this year I think Skyler’s Boy Scout troop may be in it, too. You can check out more info about the parade here. There’s also a day-long fair afterwards with an awesome kiddie carnival .

Although I’ve lived in San Antonio for the better half of my life, I didn’t really grow up participating in Fiesta. I do know that some of the bigger events you don’t want to miss are the Oyster Bake at St. Mary’s University (kids 12 and under get in free!), NIOSA (A Night In Old San Antonio) at La Villita, and the Battle of the Flowers Parade .  I would also love to take the kids to the Fiesta Arts Fair at the Southwest School of Art and Craft near the downtown Central Library.

I look forward to getting out and about during Fiesta and will definitely be sharing the festivities with all of you! Viva Fiesta!