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 more flea market
We took a family trip out to Bussey’s Flea Market on Saturday in search of some old-time goodies for our home. We have a handful of different things we’re looking for and we love the junk-market/vintage style. I wasn’t sure how fruitful our trip would be since we’d never been to this market before–sometimes it ends up being just a bunch of resold dollar-store stuff. There was a fair share of made-in-China goods around, but there was lots more to see as well. 
welcome frog 
One of our favorite stalls had a mix of old and new metal garden figures, windows, etc. 
garden peacock
flea market boys
Skyler was trying to show Liam some sort of bug he found.
flea market
This was another 2-room stall with tons of stuff we would have loved to take home with us. 
vintage chapel birdhouse
Like this steepled birdhouse.
vintage fire truck
Or this ride-on fire truck. I have no idea how much it was, but I’m sure it must have been a pretty penny!
I also spotted some vintage-y linens. I’m not sure if they were old or not, but they looked pretty in the breeze.
Overall the kids were pretty good. We got there about mid-morning while it was still breezey and overcast–it definitely wouldn’t have been as enjoyable on a warmer day. Eleanor hung out in her stroller and was thankfully very patient. We did make sure to bring snacks and head home before lunchtime.
bussey's armadillo
And the boys pestered us constantly for every toy in sight, but found distractions from time to time (like posing in front of the Bussey’s armadillo). 
garden shelf
We came home with some good finds, like this garden case for $40. We’ve been wanting to redo one of our bathrooms so this will be getting a new paint job and going inside. 
galvanized buckets
We bought this set of galvanized tubs for $13.
vintage suitcase
vintage suitcase
And I found this vintage suitcase for a mere $3! I love storing my sewing supplies in old suitcases. My sewing station is in the family room and suitcases look much better than plastic tubs.
Lastly, we did come across a Thomas the Train duplos set to add to the boys’ collection for $3. They grumbled that it wasn’t the toy they wanted to get, but by the time we got home they were dying to play with it. 
We had a great morning and will probably find ourselves out there again on another cool day (maybe this time without the kids).