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This week I’ve found a few things I’d like to do this summer. I don’t know that I’ll actually get around to all of these (there are plenty of other things on my to-do wishlist), but it’s nice to have some ideas on hand. 
First is the sweet little facebook Lier put together for her daughters over on ikat bag. She snapped photos of her girls expressing different emotions and then put them together in these handy little flip books. I think this would be a perfect project for a certain little toddler in our house 🙂
I’m also itching to get at least a few things made for our little sweet pea before she arrives. This little reversible bonnet on Prudent Baby seems like a cuter alternative to the simple beanie (although the beanies are quick and easy!). 
I may also be tempted to make one of these swaddle blankets (also from Prudent Baby). I think we have a couple that we saved but it would be nice to have one in a fabric pattern of my choice! And if you’ve never used one of these I love them for newborns–it keeps them all snuggled up at night and (sometimes) helps them sleep better!
And lastly, in trying to think of some things to keep Skyler occupied this summer, I think the idea of keeping a science observation journal is brilliant! Marie from Make and Takes tells the story of how she started one with her son–this would be a perfect summer learning experience. 
How about you? What are your favorite summer activities/crafts? Have any favorite (and easy) handmade baby goodies?