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crocheted baby hats
I’m starting to slow down just a little; I haven’t been pushing myself to sew as much–it takes a lot of energy to iron, trace patterns, cut, pin, and then finally sew and finish off so many projects! Sitting and crocheting has proven much less draining (although it leaves me cross-eyed at times!). 
I recently found a pattern for this sweet little baby hat over at Aesthetic Nest. I’ve never crocheted a hat before, but after looking through my trusty Crochet Answer Book, I was able to whip up two of them in just two days! There’s an awesome tutorial that goes with the pattern, so if you know your crochet basics, it should be relatively easy.
crocheted baby hat
The pattern was designed to fit a 3-6 month baby, but I used a smaller-sized hook in the hopes that it will fit a little sooner. I made some little booties with the same style flower but have been too lazy to take a picture yet (I did say I was slowing down, didn’t I?).
I have a couple other things I may or may not get around to posting before the baby comes, but I figure I’ll eventually have photos with her in all her goodies to share soon anyway! 
Hope you’re enjoying the end of your July–I’m gonna go take it easy (well at least for a few minutes before dinner needs cooking!)