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As many of you know this has been a very busy week for us here at the Johnson household. Miss Amelia Marie was born on Thursday, August 5th at 8lbs 6oz and 20 3/4 inches! She was a week over due, but fortunately being my fourth, the delivery was quick and I was able to go without an epidural.

Her siblings came to meet her later that day and we brought her home Friday evening. She was pretty fussy from the get go, so Saturday at home with all the kids was a little crazy. After trouble all day with nursing and no wet diapers, we took her temperature and realized she had a fever.

We ended up having to take her to the emergency room that evening. Because she was only a few days old, they were required to admit her for two days. A fever could have meant any number of things in a newborn and they had to wait on some tests to be sure that it wasn’t anything serious.

I couldn’t stay with her in the NICU or IMC so we spent a lot of time going back and forth to the hospital. Fortunately all of the tests came back negative and her fever had subsided within hours of arriving Saturday evening.

I think the hardest part was not being able to stay with her. I was able to hold her and nurse her as much as I wanted while I was there, but I felt terrible having to leave her; there were definitely some tears (along with wacky hormones) over those few days.

Seeing some of the other babies (most of them premature), we knew we were lucky, and were able to bring her home on Tuesday.

We had a little party to welcome her home and she’s been a completely different baby since her second homecoming. She’s been sleeping four hour stretches at night, is nursing perfectly, and hardly cries–God has really blessed us!

We had tons of help from family and friends with watching the kids, providing meals, and lots of prayer!

I had something of a cold the Sunday before Amelia was born and the pediatrician thinks she probably caught whatever I had and still had it when she was born. We are extremely grateful that it wasn’t anything more serious and are glad to have her home. Thank you all for your prayers for Amelia and our family!

I have lots I want to share with y’all, but I probably won’t be on here too much in the next few weeks–I want to spend as much time snuggling sweet Amelia (and getting some rest from time to time)! See you soon!