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baby belly
We spent this morning with the kids at Brackenridge Park, Chris and I enjoying the kids, our family. I had my camera with me and caught a picture of my blooming shadow (I have a similar picture of Chris and I holding hands at the same park before we were married). 
Obviously expecting our fourth, we often attract attention (both good and not so good) from strangers amazed at ‘how we do it.’ I don’t know that I have the perfect answer to that question–it’s definitely not easy–we just do it. Having a ‘larger’ family (at least by today’s standards) is chaotic and extremely stressful and draining at times, but I feel like it’s made us work even harder at building our family together. We are far from perfect (tempers do flair from time to time), but these little kids keep us grounded and focused on the important things in life. 
And any day now (that’s a hint to you baby), we’ll grow even closer together as we celebrate and share in this new life together!
Skyler says goodnight and see you later each day with the anticipation that the baby could be coming at any time. Eleanor asks baby? every time she sees me making something, and Liam loves to wrap his arms around my belly and kiss the baby. And I can tell Chris is in love with the idea of having another little girl by the way he dotes on Eleanor and stops what he’s doing to smile as she plays swords with her brother and gives her extra cookies from the cookie jar!
As anxious and sleepless as I’ve been waiting for our little one, I’m thankful that God has blessed us with such a beautiful family and is entrusting us with one more precious soul. May God open all our eyes to the blessings He has given us so that we may fully celebrate in the joy of life!