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1.  dollhouse drawers   2.  tin can cover  3.  chalkboard tablecloth  4. baby jean skirt tutorial

There are just too many great ideas in the blog world! At least I know I’ll never be without a project–let’s just hope I’ll never be unable to make them!

Here are my favorites of the week: the dollhouse made out of drawers–there are so many things you could do with this–make a firehouse, a bookshelf dollhouse, cut out doors, add stairs–the possibilities are endless!

I’m loving the tin can cover tutorial over at Elsie Marley, particularly the cute embroidery to go with it; I may be adapting this for the clutter of pens/pencils, etc on our desk!

And I can’t get over the chalkboard table cloth, also blogged over on Elsie Marley. She got hers over on Etsy and I might just have to get one for our table (or put it on our Christmas wish list *hint*hint*). It would be perfect as an activity table cloth for the kids, or just to make dinner time more fun, not that we need to add any more chaos to the dinner hour, but it’s a cute idea!

And lastly, I’m loving the tutorial for this easy baby skirt by Homemade by Jill. Amelia really needs something cute and easy to add to her onesie-wardrobe!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!