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pocket in place

Yesterday I managed to finish the pockets…
buttoned up
and sew on the buttons and buttonholes…
jumper #1
and today it’s all hemmed up…
ready for play
and ready for play!
it's a stretch
Okay, so it’s really not all as easy as that–I did most of my sewing during naps and while my husband was off yesterday, and I hardly got anything done last night because Amelia would not let me lay her down (even in the swing!). This is only my second time sewing pockets, and I’d never sewn a buttonhole in my life! The dress is a little bit on the short side (I forgot to add the hem allowance) but it’ll be great with some leggings when it gets cool out.
pick a pocket
And I’m not a hundred percent sure about the pocket ruffles, but I wanted to add something so the jumper wouldn’t be too plain. Over all, I really like it and Eleanor really loves it, too–and that’s what matters most. 
Now, to just finish up those two other jumpers…