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scarves in a row
So I guess I can’t technically count this as part of my completed projects for the kids clothes week challenge (I finished the teal and pink scarf before this week and also started the grey one beforehand), but I did finally finish up the grey one this week.
scarves in a row
So the set is complete, or at least until Amelia is big enough for her own!
It is nowhere near cold enough to even think of needing scarves yet, but the kids were eager to get their hands on them so we hand an impromptu photo shoot the other night before bed time. 
Eleanor in pink. 
Liam in grey. 
And Skyler in teal. (I know this isn’t the most “masculine” of blues but he’s still a boy and hasn’t learned to mind like a certain hubby.)
"cold" kids
Next up, hats to match! (And I’m sure my kids will kill me for how cheesy they’ll look in those photos!)