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After trying out a handful of infant carriers over the course of the first three kiddos, I’ve finally found one that I like (for the most part). I debated between the Ergo carrier and the Zolowear sling for a while before deciding on the sling. Amelia goes right to sleep when I put her in it and makes taking her out and about a breeze. And I love the zippered pocket, big enough to carry my keys, phone, and wallet when I’m picking Skyler up from school. 
The only thing is that my fidgety fingers decided to play with the serging the first time I wore it and the little stinker rebelled and began to fray:
ring sling fray out
It started off about half an inch long, but has slowly expanded and I finally decided it was time to bring it to a stop. 
ring sling fix up
I’m sure there were a number of ways I could have fixed it up, but I decided the quickest thing to do was to tuck the stray serging under and create a little hem. It’s not the prettiest repair job, but it’s mended and it took me all of five minutes.  Hopefully this will not turn into a repeat offender!