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pedestrian bridge
Chris and I flew up for a wedding in his home town of Tulsa last weekend and it was a much needed break from the chaos at home. We brought Miss Amelia along with us (my mom had her hands full enough watching the other three), but it was still a much quieter weekend.
We found ourselves with some free time Friday afternoon, so we took off for some ice cream and a walk along the pedestrian bridge. It was a beautiful fall afternoon, and although it wasn’t an extravagant date, I would do anything to have more peaceful moments just like that afternoon. (It was amazing being able to eat an ice cream cone without kids crying in my ears!)
pea in a pod
Amelia spends much of her time in my Zolo ring sling when I’m out and about, and it’s definitely been a life saver–she usually goes right to sleep. Although I’ve used various slings/carriers with the other three, this is the first that I’ve used regularly.
pedestrian bridge

So with a sleeping baby we enjoyed a nice little walk. It’s amazing how rejuvenating a simple walk can be, especially with the sound of water (the bridge crosses the Arkansas River). 

bridge to yesteryear

It reminded me of this photo taken about five years ago before Chris and I got married. Life was so much simpler (in some ways) back then, but it was just a prelude of what was to come. Chris adopted Skyler the spring after we married, and we’ve created three little people since then–how quickly life changes!
spider webs
And here we are now with a new fall season underway, the holidays just around the corner. This time last year we were yet to discover that Amelia was on her way, and now, of course, we couldn’t picture our family without her! All of this looking back makes me think about where we’ll be this time next year–Amelia will likely be walking (or close to it), Skyler will be in third grade, and Eleanor and Liam will be three and four (yikes!).

Although it feels like an eternity at times, their childhoods will pass by much more quickly than we think, and taking time to breathe a little deeper gives me the chance to step back and soak it up a little more. Here’s to living life a little more deeply!