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view from the top

Last Saturday was Artpace’s annual Chalk It Up event here in downtown San Antonio. Skyler and I had so much fun attending the free event last year, that we couldn’t miss out–and luckily my mom volunteered to help me out with the kids so we could all make it down to Houston street. 

brick road

We started off in the free-style chalk zone. We got there early in the day, so there was still a lot of street space left for drawing. Of course the kids weren’t super-interested in doing that for long, but I managed to get a couple of shots, like Skyler creating his own rendition of the yellow brick road above (at least that’s what it reminded me of). 

street chalk

Liam coloring in the (very realistic) woodpecker Grandma drew for him.

chalk hands

And Eleanor showing me her chalked up hands which she washed and then got dirty right after. 

Next, we headed towards the kids zone, checking out some of the featured and showcase artists along the way. I’m not sure who put together the display above, but I thought the robocleaner chalk exhibit was pretty clever. 

grim grinder

This creepy guy also stood out–he was set up at a table without a sign to indicate who he was. He sat there with a leather bag full of chalk, pulling out one piece at a time, grinding it up onto the table. It reminded me of something out of a movie, like Dark City, or Brazil. 

pastel sun

The kids zone had a handful of activities just for kids. The Children’s Museum (also located on Houston Street) had a table set up for chalk pastel drawings. The kids have never worked with pastels before, but I really liked how vibrant their pictures turned out. Maybe it would be worth investing in some higher-quality art supplies?

artist in training

Artpace also had a kid’s craft table where they could build and paint their own wooden furniture (the project was based on the work of one of their current artists-in-residence).  Skyler was definitely into this project, but it was a little too messy for my two and three-year-olds (and I’m not sure that the paint was washable). 

balloon play

Overall, we had a great morning out (despite the inevitable whining as lunch time grew closer). I love what Artpace is doing in our city–they offer free admission to their exhibits, field trips with awesome hands-on projects, and free workshops addressing relevant issues for practicing artists, just to name a few. 

sling shot

I love that there is always something going on in San Antonio. If your interested in learning more about the arts in San Antonio, visit And check out the upcoming free Blue Star Family Day. This mama loves her city!