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We’ve lived in our house for just over a year now, and I’m still just getting around to decorating some of the walls around here. For some reason, it can just be really daunting having a big blank wall staring back at you. I had a few ideas in mind but never got around to making any of them happen. Well, I finally have and wanted to share some of them with you, along with a few other ideas I’ve found on the web.
calendar art
Calendar Art
I’ve been hanging on to some old art calendars for years now, and I finally found a place to hang some of them after remodeling our bathroom. My favorite calendar is a collection of photographs by French photographer Robert Doisneau, shown above.
family tree

Customized Family Tree

I found this personalized family tree in Martha Stewart Living and they had free printables online. I did draw and cut out my own rectangles for the family names, but other than that, this was a really easy way to add something other than photos. And you could easily draw your own custom-sized tree, too.
Check out Martha’s other family tree ideas. And check out these cool family trees on Etsy here, here, and here.
framed dust jackets
Children’s Book Art
I have a tendency to take the dust jackets off of the kids books, or at least of our favorites, otherwise they get torn to pieces. This is a great way to preserve and display them! Our favorites framed above are The Fantastic Mr. Wani, The Curious Garden (starring a boy named Liam!), Harry the Dirty Dog, and, of course, Goodnight Moon.

And finally, check out these ideas from the Swedish designer behind Lilla A:

Butterfly Collections
The designer gave her daughter a butterfly printout to draw and then cut out a selection of them to add to a shadowbox. And she even shares the printout with her readers, I love it! 
Toy Plaster
Although this idea is a little different, I admire how original it is–and it really captures the plethora of toys so often in a child’s room! She gives a brief tutorial in English (most of her site in Swedish) and has some great photos to go with it.  Check out the rest of her blog too; I’m just blown away by all her great ideas!