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October 8 mosaic
Although I’m keeping this year’s costumes much simpler than last year, I’ve still been keeping my eye out for cool costume ideas for the future.
I love the Rosie the Riveter costume, and it would be such an easy one to put together–and I have a certain friend who I know would love this one!
I thought the owl costume was a sweet alternative to the super-frilly girl’s costumes out there (although I think our girls will be wearing frills this year). 
This firefighter costume is not only a great last-minute idea, but also an inexpensive one–with costumes for four every year, I have to stretch my budget as far as I can–maybe I could even get daddy to wear his firefighter gear!
My favorite find this week is definitely the storm trooper milk jug helmet. Lindsey of Filth Wizardry shares a photo tutorial detailing how she made one for her daughter out of two milk jugs. She also has a post on torch and balloon light sabers and some amazing diy Star Wars toys–I am in awe!

I have a couple of my own costume ideas up my sleeve. I’ve got to go shopping for some supplies, but hopefully I’ll be able to share some photos with you before Halloween.

How about you guys? What are you and your kids dressing up as for Halloween?