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oct. 1 mosaic
Time for another round of Friday favorites! Here’s what I’ve found in the blogosphere this week:
  • An awesome way to channel and preserve your kids (or your own!) artistic abilities through the combined media of embroidery and painting.
  • A great tutorial on how to make the oh-so-simple yet oh-so-sweet circle skirt for your little girlies (also easily adaptable for adding to your own wardrobe).
  • Another colorful example of teaching your child to embroider with easy-to-use fabrics like burlap.
  • And a tutorial for a sippy-cup holder, which, any mama of a toddler knows would be a very useful tool for the stroller or one of the millions of errands completed by car each week! 
We’re visiting family up in Tulsa, so I don’t think I’ll get anything posted for a few days, until then, I hope you all enjoy your weekend!