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Friday Favorites: Best Projects of 2010

In looking back at the various projects I’ve made over the past year I’ve enjoyed making just about everything I’ve tried my hand at, but there are definitely some that have seen more use than others. Here’s a look at some of those projects and the impact they’ve had on our family:
1. Liam’s Quilt–This quilt actually took over a year to make, but I was finally able to finish it right around Liam’s third birthday. It was definitely a labor of love and I don’t know that I’ll ever make such and intricate quilt again (or at least not for a very long time). I did learn a thing or two about stick-to-itivness and it’s used every day. There’s no way I’m ever getting rid of this baby. 
2. Eleanor’s Jumper–Although this wasn’t the first dress I made for Eleanor, I felt like I was a little more successful with this one. It actually fits her still (most of the other dresses I’ve made so far have either been way to big or only fit for a month tops). 
I also learned how to sew button holes with this one. Now that I’ve figured them out, it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it was one of those things I was avoiding learning because I felt a little intimidated. This was a great project for the kids clothes week challenge, and I was even able to make three more for Amelia (that’s one that only fit for a week) and my sweet nieces. 
3. Crochet-Edged Receiving BlanketsOf all the things I made for Amelia while awaiting her arrival, these have proven to be the most useful. At nearly five months now she still loves being swaddled, and these blankets are still big enough to do the job! I took them everywhere with me while working on them–in the car, Skyler’s t-ball practice, doctor’s appointments. They already hold so many memories of Amelia’s baby days, and they’ll definitely be a go-to gift for baby showers!
4. Men’s Shirt QuiltMy most recent blanket was a much simpler quilt than the first one, but it’s also made of memories–albeit of Chris’s teaching days and the long nights of planning that came with it. It’s also a reminder of all of his hard work in supporting our family, and that he gets to spend more time with us here at home now that he’s a firefighter. And I can cuddle up with it on chilly nights when he’s working at the station.
I’m proud of all that I’ve been able to create this year and I’m definitely not stopping anytime soon! The most cherished handmade items are those that evoke memories–and create them–so here’s to many more well-loved projects in 2011!