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photo by raine*

Although I have four kids, I’m not an expert. I forget at what month babies start to teeth or crawl. I don’t have potty training down to a science. My house is not all kisses and cuddles day in and day out. I’ve had my share of go-without-a-shower, dishes-up-to-the-ceiling, the-kids-(and me)-are-all-crying crazy days. Sometimes all you can do is just plow through it. And I know that sounds like one of the worst pieces of advice for an overwhelmed mother ever, but it’s true. Sometimes the only thing you can do is remember to take deep breaths. Or even try to laugh at yourself.

Yesterday, my three-year-old absolutely did not want to take his nap in his room. He was Mr. Oscar the Grouch, so I played right along with him. I goofily grumped and made three-year-old jokes (even if they did involve the word poop) until he laughed and played along. I eventually got him to quiet down and agree to take his nap, only to find him making himself at home on the couch thirty minutes later. Naptime was a no-go in the end, and it turned disastrous by bedtime (picture two tired toddlers and a teething baby), but at least I managed to ward the melt-down off until then.

There are seasons when sometimes the best is just making it through the day without killing anyone (I’m joking…but I certainly feel like it sometimes!), and that’s ok. I would like to meet the mama who hasn’t had one of those days. Until then, keep stocking that stash of dark chocolate, stay up late to watch your favorite show, indulge in a cup of coffee from Starbucks, and even give yourself a little extra grooming time now and then (omg I got to blow-dry my hair today!). I haven’t quite made it over the hump yet, but I do believe there are calmer days (and maybe even a date with my husband) ahead!