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sneak peek

Only a week left of Advent, and although I’m done with all of the shopping, there’s still a lot of gift-making to finish up (along with an out-of-town trip to pack for!). So in lieu of the regular Friday favorites, I decided to give you a little peak at one of the gifts the kids and I have been working on.

When I was about five or six, I convinced my younger brother and sister to peak at some of the presents under the tree before the big day. I came up with the clever plan of tearing off just a little piece of the wrapping paper and then gluing it back down with a glue stick (yes, I was a child prodigy).

I do remember spying Tinker Bell on what turned out to be a vhs of Peter Pan. I don’t recall if we actually figured out what any of the gifts were, but I’m sure my parents were pretty suspicious when all the presents had little pieces of wrapping still stuck to them!

So, following in tradition, here’s a little peak for some of the family members who will be receiving this gift (act really surprised and amazed when you do!). What last-minute holiday preparations are you up to?