Month: January 2011

Mason Jar Roundup

I finally put the jars to good use! There are still more out in the garage, but here’s what I did with these ones: 1. Notion Jar I used a couple jars to display some crafty eye candy on my sewing table. I picked up a stash of sewing goodies at a garage last fall, […]

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Tummy Time Pillow

Take a look at what I whipped up last night! And no, I don’t mean this adorable baby… …I mean the pillow! After watching Amelia growing more and more frustrated trying to play on her belly last night, I remembered how much Skyler loved playing on his as a baby. And then I remembered the […]

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The Mason Jar Project

The Ball jars above are just a few of the dozen-plus stash of mason jars currently housed in our garage. We inherited a box of them when we bought the house and the second box is a curbside find. I can be a bit of a hoarder when it comes to things I think I’ll […]

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