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I finally put the jars to good use! There are still more out in the garage, but here’s what I did with these ones:
1. Notion Jar
I used a couple jars to display some crafty eye candy on my sewing table. I picked up a stash of sewing goodies at a garage last fall, but they’ve been sitting in a shoe box until now. 
2. Pincushion 
I originally found this idea in Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts and I couldn’t wait to make one of my own! It’s a great way of using up your favorite scraps and I’m thinking of making some as gifts for my crafty friends. You can also find the tutorial on Martha’s website here.

3. Soap Dispenser
I’ve been needing to upgrade our much-used plastic dispensers and this was super-easy to make! You can use the pump from any bottle and just cut the tube to fit your jar. I hammered a nail through the lid to make a hole large enough to fit the pump.

4. Memento Jar
I can’t go to the beach without combing the shore for souvenirs, and I found these rocks with my husband during our honeymoon in Washington state. I didn’t have enough to fill a bowl or vase, but a jar is just right for a small collection. 
Here are some other upcycled jar ideas from across the web:
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