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mend along

I bought my sewing machine just under two years ago and have been crafting up a storm ever since. My secret? I started off small. I mean miniscule. My first project was sewing the binding back onto my bathmat. Nothing glamorous or creative at all.

At the time I had just resigned from my job as a program director at a local nonprofit to become a stay at home mom, my husband had gone from being a teacher to training at the fire academy and we were living on pennies with three little kids. We were renters and our weekly grocery budget was about $70 a week (including cleaning and bath supplies). It was a really hard time in ways, not knowing how we were going to make ends meet at the end of every month. But with the blessings of some wonderful friends and family we made it through. And made it through joyfully.

It was during that time that I really learned how to start being resourceful, pinching every penny, and as a result, creating out of necessity. We began curbside “treasure-hunting” and I devoted a found dresser into craft storage for recyclables. If we wanted something we made it–handmade birthday gifts were the norm. I began saving old clothes for future crafting (that’s when I began cutting up Liam’s old baby clothes for this quilt).

Today, we’re in a much better situation financially. We’re not swimming in gold or anything, but I do have a monthly spending allowance for crafting supplies, and I can run to the craft supply store (with my coupon in hand) to pick up materials for my next project. I do still save a lot of old materials–clothes, sheets, scraps–for future crafting, but it’s gotten easier to be a less frugally-inclined crafter.

So, in attempt to get back to the basics, and hopefully inspire some of you to take your own baby steps towards craftiness, I’ll be hosting a mend-along in March. I am completely terrible at keeping up with the mending; I’d so much rather be creating something new and exciting! But, to make such a droll task more enjoyable, I thought I’d invite you to mend along with me.

What do you have hiding away that’s been begging to be fixed? Whether it’s a busted zipper, a missing button, or even a broken plate in need of some glue, I want to hear all about it. Fixing things instead of throwing them away is such a great way to fuel creativity (and it’s good for your wallet and the environment, too!). Small creative tasks are often the most satisfying because of the little time and effort they require–so give yourself a little boost and get crafty!

Each week I’ll post a mending project I’ve been working on as well as links for inspiration. I’ll start by sharing my own mending list next week. So what do you say, will you join me? Grab a button below (copy and paste the code under the image) and tell me what you’ll be working on!

mend along

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