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coffee, notepad and pen
 photo by Thin Glass

With the arrival of the new year last month, I played around with the idea of creating a to-do/goals list for the year to share with you all. I figured something like that would help keep me accountable for the myriad of things I’ve been wanting and meaning to do (like putting the girls’ photo albums together, finishing the rag rugs I’m still working on, and organizing the house more to name a few).

But I think I felt a little overwhelmed just trying to come up with enough things for the entire year (and that I thought I’d actually do). As a stay-at-home mom there are always tons of things that need doing (believe it or not), and even more so as a crafting, blogging, stahm. I’m really protective of my time and hesitate to add to the must-do list.

I have a real urge to reduce things in all areas of my life lately, mainly because I start to feel paralyzed when it all gets to be too much and have no idea where to start. So, with that in mind, I think what I really want to do is work on making all aspects of my life more meaningful this year.

 Home Sweet Home
photo by kristenaderrick


At home that will mean focusing more on my kids and the house during the day rather than giving only half of my attention while trying to do less important things (like catching up on blog reading or knitting a few more rows on my scarf).

It will also mean reducing the amount of stuff we have. We’re slaves to our stuff around here–always having to pick it up, clean it, find places to put it. I’m really going to work on thinking about why we have the things we do and whether they’re worth the space and effort they take up in our home. This may not be a new idea for some of you, but I know I’ve definitely been guilty of not always thinking about where something’s gonna go and where it’s gonna end up (in the trash??) before I bring it home (especially if it’s a good deal–those are so hard to pass!).

Sewing 6

With my crafting it will mean taking a look at what I choose to spend my time making and why. Is it to enrich my kids, improve our home, or save money? Or is it just to try out the next cool craft I saw online? It’s going to be more about quality rather than quantity, working on what I’ve already started with what I already have rather than always buying more to make more (hence filling up my already overflowing stash).

I also hope to work more on making my crafting a source of income. I love the idea of being able to make a living doing what I love. I know I’m a long way from making a significant amount, but I would like to work my way there. Figuring out the business aspect of it all is definitely daunting, but I’m just going to keep my head on and take it one step at a time.

a blog in the hand
photo by Thin Glass

Making my blogging more meaningful will require digging a little deeper in what I write here. I don’t mean getting all intellectual and philosophical, but I do mean being more real. I want to give you all something to take away with you–whether it’s a crafty how-to, an insight into mamahood, or something fun to make your day brighter–but also not completely deprive myself of sleep trying to do it all–and remembering to keep it simple, too.

All of this reflecting is really an effort to create a touchstone to measure my success in refocusing my life. Life–marriage, motherhood–is about growing up and improving yourself, and I want to do that this year. Our time is limited, but we have the opportunity to make it so full and rich–let’s not squander it away!

So, a little behind the traditional time of making resolutions, but here’s to making life more meaningful this year!