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So after reading this article about celebrating an unromantic Valentine’s day, I thought it would be a great idea to plan a surprise for my hubby and focus less on making the day all filled with hearts and roses (although he did surprise me with flowers on Sunday), and more about what my hubby would actually like to do. Chris has been really great about planning sweet romantic things for me, but I haven’t always taken the reigns in planning surprises for him.

batting cage

At first I was a little stumped. I was looking for something budget-friendly, and that could be done within a 2 1/2 hour time frame during the day (babies and schedules keep us busy!). But I quickly remembered how much he used to love going to the batting cages. I found one of those all-in-one game centers that was open during the day and picked out a local hot dog place for lunch and we were set to go.

mini golf

I swung a bat for the first time since I was a kid (my shoulder and side were sore the next day–isn’t that lame?) and we even played a round of mini golf. It wasn’t necessarily our dream date but Chris appreciated the thoughtfulness, and most importantly we had fun. We haven’t had the chance for kid-free fun in a looong time. And it was much better than sitting in a movie theater not talking to each other for two hours or paying way too much for an okay dinner.

burger boy
Unfortunately the hot dog place was closed due to technical difficulties (what does that even mean?). So with about thirty-five minutes left before we had to be home, we pulled up to Burger Boy. With their straight-forward menu and mini diner-style seating (and awesome burgers, of course) this was a perfect ending to our unromantic Valentine’s date. Beat that boring old fancy schmancy dinner reservations! 
(Ok, so fancy dinners where you don’t have to cook or clean up after yourself aren’t all that bad, I’m just sayin’ it was fun to do something different). How did you celebrate Valentine’s day?