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mend along round up

The Mend Along month is over, and I had a lot of fun sharing my progress as I crossed everything off my mending list. I’ve been putting most of the projects off for ages, but it feels good to finally have them done! Although, I did see Liam walking around in another pair of holey jeans the other day…
Mending is definitely one of those never-ending tasks of life (especially with little ones), but the chore itself is actually pretty quick and (hopefully) has longer lasting results than, say, cleaning the floors or scrubbing the toilet (ick!). My hope is that I’ve not only motivated myself to keep up with the mending, but that I’ve also encouraged you to tackle a bit of your own, too.
So how did you do? Were there any favorite mending projects that you worked on this month? I hope you enjoyed the Mend Along, and come back tomorrow when I announce my new series for April–thanks for reading! Oh, and in case you missed anything, here’s a list of all the projects: