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mend along
It’s March already…time to start mending! If your just joining in, check out this post to read more about why I’ve devoted this month to the mending basket. Here’s a peek at what I’ll be working on this month:
  1. Replace diaper cover elastic–We’ve been cloth diapering for about a year now, and although most of our diaper covers have held up wonderfully, there’s one in particular that’s been out of commission for a while.
  2. Replace button on Liam’s pjs–He’s gotten used to not buttoning his shirt up, but he does ask me from time to time when I’m gonna get around to fixing it (a downfall of being crafty–your kids ask if you can make/fix everything!).
  3. Knee patches–I know there’s at least a pair of jeans or two that each of the boys need patched up.
  4. Mend split seams–Likewise, Eleanor and I each have a couple of shirts with seams that are coming undone–a really quick repair job, but just one of those thing I haven’t made time to do.
  5. Hem pants–I have a few pairs of thrifted and gifted pants that need hemming, and what girl couldn’t use more clothes in her closet?
  6. Bed skirt–Okay, so this one isn’t technically mending, but I took off the dry-clean-only part on our bed skirt a long time ago and have yet to finish altering it to put it back on–I will get it back on this month!
  7. Glue broken piggy bank–Who says mending has to include a needle and thread? We have a cute little piggy bank we haven’t been able to use yet because of a broken foot–and how hard can using a little glue be?

So, there you have it, my mending list. I have to get it done now that I’ve shared it with the world, right? And I’d love for you to mend along with me! Grab a button below (copy and paste the code) and feel free to link up in the comments.

mend along

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Happy mending!