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Now for some crafting for the big kids! I’m really bad at making things for myself, but am feeling inspired by the fun ideas I found:

Green Grown-Up Crafts
1. Lightbulb Bud Vase by ReadyMade via ReNest
What a bright idea! (Sorry for the lame pun.)
2. Pillowcase Tote Bag by Martha Stewart
Using pillowcases makes this an easy intro sewing project.
3. Recycled TShirt Braided Necklace via Dollar Store Crafts
I’m not a big jewelry person, but I can definitely see myself making and wearing this one.
Plastolux makes gorgeous cut wine bottle glasses that you can buy in his shop. Also check out how you can make your own at Ways to Reuse Glass on re-nest.
Green Grown-Up Crafts
5. Recycled Fixture Planters via Design*Sponge
You could probably find old fixtures for next to nothing on Craigslist!
6. Vintage Suitcase Coffee Table via Design*Sponge
Old suitcases are one of my favorite curbside finds (can you believe people actually throw them out!)–you can never have too many; they’re great for storage, too.
7. Salvaged Stove Top Trivets via Design*Sponge
A fresh take on kitchen decor.
8. Coffee Can Zoetrope via Dollar Store Crafts
I don’t know that I have the patience to make this one, but thought it was cool, I could see my oldest son wanting to make one.
Green Grown-Up Crafts
9. Triangular Paper Fruit Bowl by Albin Goossen via Instructables
I love the structure of this bowl!
I’d almost hate to cut into any of my old magazines, but a great way to use a collection you’re not likely to read through anymore (tear out your favorite articles first!).
11. How To “Waste” Paper by Jeffery Rudell via Craftstylish
Now this is my kind of project–clean, simple, and super-useful!
12. Newspaper Gift Bags by How About Orange
Go buy a copy of the paper just so you can some of these to impress your friends!
Now go make something for yourself (and the other “grown-ups” in your life). Which grown-up craft is your favorite?