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Our favorite craft supply source in our home is by far the recycling bin! Not only does it save us money from buying materials, but it gives our recyclables a second life! Check out some of my favorite projects you can find online:

Green Kids Crafts

1. Recyled Bottle Cap and Plastic Lid Frog by Creative Jewish Mom
 We have tons of bottle caps we’ve been saving for a rainy day–now I have something to do with them!
2. Recycled Cardboard Gift Packages by Creative Jewish Mom
I very rarely buy gift-wrapping supplies (I have a stash of tissue paper and gift bags to reuse), this is a great artsy alternative. 
3. Recycled Plastic Treasure Chest by Creative Jewish Mom
 What little pirate wouldn’t love his own treasure chest?
4. TP Tube Mini-Crown by lilla a 
A great birthday party or fiesta hat idea.
Green Kids Crafts
5. House and Carton Dollhouse by Family Fun
I fell in love with the egg carton furniture when I saw this in the latest issue of Family Fun–you can find a full tutorial for both the furniture and the house on their website.
6. Easter Bunny by lilla a
A cute little bunny project just in time for Easter.
7. Cardboard Castle by lilla a
Can’t leave the boys out–and I love the idea of painting each side a different color!
lilla a hosts awesome kids craft exhibits, her current one is the Shoe Box City. Take a photo of your children’s creations and send them in by April 29 for the opening on May 4.
Green Kids Crafts
9. Paper Pulp Tray by Creative Jewish Mom
This would make a great Mother’s Day gift. I have a bag of old crayon wrappers I want to use for this one.
Want to give your playdough color without the food dye? Check out this simple tutorial!
This is such a clever idea–I wonder how long it will keep my boys occupied on our next road trip?
12. Decoupage with Fruit Labels by Creative Jewish Mom
I don’t know about yours, but my kids love fruit labels–to the point that they almost don’t want a piece of fruit if it doesn’t have one. This is a cool way to put those little stickers (that end up everywhere) to good use.
As you can see, I definitely have some favorite crafty bloggers out there (lilla a and Creative Jewish Mom), but who can beat simple and outstanding design? I hope you enjoy these green crafts with your own kids and are inspired to create your own! What are your favorite green kids crafts?

Stay-tuned for my 12 Green Grown-Up Crafts round-up later today!