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At The Front Door
photo by yvestown

If the concept of a green home is new to you, it may seem a little overwhelming. There is so much to consider in the choices we make for our homes, let alone knowing if those choices are green or not. Your best bet is to start with small easy steps, and build up to the bigger changes. Here are four simple ways to go green in your home today:

photo via marielou on etsy

1. Use your linens instead of paper. And if you don’t have linens, get some! They don’t have to be expensive, or fancy, or actual linen. I found my first few sets of cloth napkins at garage sales. Find yourselves some extra kitchen towels and wash rags for spills and drying, too. Anyone use old-fashioned hankies anymore?

greatest feather duster ever
photo by johnnyvintage

2. Clean that dust! Dust is a major culprit when it comes to indoor air quality. Household dust tests identify 66 endocrine-disrupting compounds. Dust is just another way for all the toxic chemicals in your home to affect your health. And use a wet cloth to prevent dust from scattering. 

Water down the drain 

3. Use water efficiently. Fix those leaky faucets, don’t leave the sink running, and don’t pour unused water down the drain–save it to water those houseplants working so hard to clean your air!

Reduce Reuse Recycle

4. Reuse recyclables before you recycle them!  The second of the three Rs is reuse. It’s easy to feel like we’re doing our part just by separating recyclables from the trash. But what about turning them into new things? Or saving them for kid’s crafts instead of buying new materials? You’d be amazed at all the things you can make from toilet paper tubes and glass jars!

What about you? What small steps do you take that make a big impact in your home?