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 easy green living & planet home

Since both of these books have a big focus on greening your home, I decided to review them together for a side-by-side comparison.

planet home

First up is Planet Home by Jeffrey Hollender, cofounder of Seventh Generation. I was admittedly first drawn to the book’s design. It has great graphics throughout the book, along with a simple clean layout, making the book a breeze to read through. The book gives an overview of what a conscious home is, with a focus on the interconnectedness between the choices we make at home and the rest of the world.

planet home

The book is then broken down to chapters dedicated to each room in the house (kitchen, bedroom, nursery and kids’ rooms, family rooms, bathroom, utility rooms, laundry, and home office) with additional chapters on cleaning products, food, and the big picture.

planet home

Each room chapter starts with an overview of the main “conscious components” to consider in greening that particular room, working as sort of a checklist and making it easy to refer back to. The book breaks down the green issues of each room and offers ways to improve them. For example, in the section on the nursery and kids’ rooms, it talks about everything from art supplies made with natural materials, to considerations in choosing cribs and mattresses, to how to take action in reducing toxins found in women’s breastmilk around the world.

Planet Home also includes a toxic ingredients guide, detailing common ingredients found in household and personal products and why we should avoid them. There is also cosmetics chart describing the health effects of many chemicals found in hair dyes, shampoo, sunscreen, foundation, nail polish, and more.

The book finishes off with a resource guide for each room of the home, which provides websites for finding products and more information related to the eco-issues of each room. There is also a handy subject and keyword index.

Overall this is a great quick-guide for the young modern family eager to give their home a total green makeover.

easy green living

At nearly 400 pages,  Easy Green Living by Renee Louz is a much more comprehensive read, great for those looking for more detailed information on the greener way of life.  I picked up this book randomly at my local library and have found it certainly worth adding to the home book collection.

easy green living

Although Easy Green Living includes chapters on the green kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, it also includes chapters on cleaning basics, natural beauty, eco-fresh laundry, energy-efficient light bulbs, and home furnishings and materials.

easy green living

The book begins with 25 simple ways to go green, and is sprinkled with charts, statistics, and tips throughout. It’s best feature is probably the green thumb guide in each chapter which provides information on green companies and products related to the subject of each chapter, from BBQ products, to trash liners, to cosmetics and skin care products. Since many of my local stores are limited in the green products they carry, this is a very helpful resource to have on hand! Easy Green Living is another must for my bookshelf!

What are your favorite green-living books? What green subjects are you most interested in learning about? Stay tuned next week as I turn our focus to improving the health of our precious families!

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