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echeveria lola
Last month I got the urge to test out my green thumb, so I bought a bunch of plants for the house. My favorites are definitely the succulents (I also bought some gerbera daisies, begonia, and ivy). I purchased small starter plants–I loved how cute they were (and they fit my budget, too). 
baby toes
This one is called baby toes. Amelia is likely our last little one (at least that’s the plan for right now), and knowing that, I’ve found myself getting a little sentimental over all of the things we’ll be saying goodbye to–first smiles and teeth, chubby legs and cheeks, and those cute little baby toes…so of course I had to buy this plant! I’m sure it’ll be a staple in my houseplant collection for years to come, or at least until I can one day enjoy the little toes of grandchildren!
windowsill succulents
My three little succulents sit in a row on the windowsill above my sink in the kitchen, cheering me up as I wash the dishes throughout our busy days. I have hopes of making cuttings to grow additional ones to scatter throughout the house. 
I’ve also found some fun ideas for decorating with succulents that I wanted to share…so check these projects out and go find yourself some succulents!
photo via Prudent Baby
I’m in love with the idea of making a succulent wreath and this tutorial from Prudent Baby shows you how to make one from clippings. I love the idea of having wreaths, but I can never find any that I’m really happy with. This wreath would be perfect; would mine turn out as great-looking as this one? Who knows. But a mama can dream…
photo via  Plaid Pigeon
And this has got to be one of the coolest planter ideas ever. The Plaid Pigeon (based in Austin) sells a whole range of toy planters–some of their dinosaur succulents would look great in the boys’ room!
photo via Succulents Galore
You can also make your own living wall art, or buy a kit like this one at Succulents Galore on Etsy.
Anyone else have great ideas for decorating with succulents? What other houseplants do you love?